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Are your products safe for humans?

Yes! Our shampoos and conditioners are safe, natural, and hypo-allergenic. They're free of ingredients that are harmful for humans and dogs. Team Bogart uses our products almost exclusively for their families and their pets, and even babies. They work wonders - and we love them!

Are Bogart Pro grooming products cruelty free?

Yes! We test everything on ourselves before we use them on our pooches. And we love them!Yes! We test everything on ourselves before we use them on our pooches. And we love them!Yes! We test everything on ourselves before we use them on our pooches. And we love them!

Do your shampoos contain sulfates?

No, our shampoos do not contain SLS, SLES, or any harmful ingredients found in other pet shampoos.

Will your shampoos dry out my dog's skin?

Our proprietary MB3 technology contains a potent blend of probiotics, extracts and actives formulated in the proper pH environment specifically to moisturize and protect the skin and hair shaft. Our formulas are soap and detergent free, and will not strip the natural oils from your pooch's coat or dry out their skin. If your dog has specific skin issues, please consult your vet before use.

Will Bogart Pro grooming products treat dermatological issues in my dog's coat?

Bogart Pro grooming products are intended for day-to-day grooming needs and are not intended to be used to treat medical / veterinary issues. Please consult your vet if you are concerned about any existing or new dermatological issue.

Is it safe to use your products on my puppy?

100% yes! We suggest Soothe Pro for puppies, but all of our shampoos and conditioners are safe for puppies. We recommend diluting our formulas according to each product's dilution ratio for the safest and best use, but all formulas can be used full strength and are safe for most puppies.

Can I use your products on my cat, kitten, horse, or other animal?

Absolutely!* The skin pH levels and hair structures of cats, dogs, and many other animals is similar so these products can be used similarly for most animals. *Products with essential oils should never be used on cats, and conditioners should be rinsed out or highly concentrated for most other animals. Any essential oils or extracts containing mint, cedar, pine, permethrin, or citrus are generally not safe for use on CATS. It is recommended you dilute our products for all smaller animals.

What if my dog swallows some of the Shampoo during washing - is that safe?

Yep! Our Shampoo is non toxic, so injesting a small amount shouldn't cause a problem. If your dog consumes a large amount of the product, they may throw it back up or have an upset stomach, but it will not cause permanent harm. If they have allergies or their symptoms persist, contact your vet.

What does "Natural" or Naturally Derived" mean?

Skincare ingredient suppliers define ingredients to be natural or naturally derived if they are either naturally-occuring raw materials or are adapted from naturally-occurring plant or mineral based raw materials.

Do your shampoos kill or repel fleas?

Bogart Pro Grooming products are all-natural and are not designed to kill fleas or their eggs. Continue your normal flea and tick repellent regimen in addition to grooming. Our shampoos, when used as recommended, should not disrupt your flea or tick control products.

Products & Bathing FAQs

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How often should I bathe my dog?

Frequency of bathing depends on your dog's breed, coat, activity level, and climate. Most often pups should not be bathed more than once a week. Consult your vet to determine the best grooming regimen for your dog's specific needs.

Are Bogart Pro Grooming products good for all pet hair types?

Absolutely! Bogart Pro Grooming products work on all coat lengths and textures. Each of our products list the best match for your dog's coat type and breed.

How much should I dilute my shampoos and conditioners?

Bogart Pro® shampoos and conditioners are highly concentrated. They can be used straight out of the bottle, and we recommend doing so sparingly, as as little bit goes a long way! Groomers and vets recommend you dilute with water for optimal results. This is why we provide a mixing bottle for only $1. Please use diluted products within 24 hours. For more sensitive coats, however, we recommend following our product dilution recommendations for optimal results.

Can I use human shampoos on my dog?

Hmmmmm, no short answer here. Yes and No. We make human formulas for dogs. Humans and dogs have different skin pH levels and hair structures. Most dog products are formulated with too high of a pH because they'll tell you they should be formulated to a dog's pH. This isn't true. But most human shampoos can strip the natural oils of a dog's coat which can irritate and damage dog's skin. That's why we created Bogart Pro, to be specifically formulated at the correct pH but not drying to the skin. Our formulator is a skin care expert, and it's her passion to create formulas for skin health. Every other product is different.

What’s the difference between Soothe Pro and your other product lines?

Our Soothe Pro product line is specifically formulated for the most sensitive or problem skin. Our founder based the Soothe Pro line based on baby shampoos. Our gentle formulas contain extra-mild and less concentrated plant-based cleansers with a proprietary blend of soapwort, yucca, colloidal oats, extracts, and vitamins. These products are suitable for all breeds and all ages of pets - especially if they experience frequent skin irritations. Our Soothe Pro Shampoo is geared toward dogs with reccurring skin conditions like hot spots, allergies, and rashes.

Why priobiotics?

We believe healthy skin is the basis for a healthy coat. The skin is home to trillions of bacteria, some good and some bad. The good bacteria serve as the first line of defense against the environmental damage and inflammation commonly associated with excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection and odor. When applied to the skin, probiotics make it difficult for harmful bacteria to take over and allow the good bacteria to flourish. When applied to the skin, probiotics support pets’ natural defenses against the most common skin problems. When used regularly, your pooch will never look, feel or smell better!

What is MB3 Technology?

We've evaluated our ingredient profiles for how they interact with the microbiome of dog's skin. Our formulating process is built on the philosophy that overall skin health is fundamentally influenced by an intact and balanced skin biome. With our proprietary blend of probiotics, extracts and pH balanced formulas, this technology protects the skin microbiome and hair shaft, leading to the best defense for skin and coat.

How do Anti-Odorants work?

Our MB3 anti-odorant is formulated using AHA and BHA technologies with mandelic and glycolic acids, which are fruit-based substances with natural sebum-control to inhibit bacteria-causing odor. We include antioxidant-rich soothing probiotics, extracts, and aloe to calm and support the skin biome. You won't believe how well this works until you try it!

Bogart Pro & Groomers

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Where are Bogart Grooming products made?

All of our grooming products and their ingredients are carefully and ethically sourced, and made in the United States. We're the indie brand supporting small businesses, local suppliers, and we manufacture and ship from our community in Seattle, WA.

Where else can I purchase your products?

Our products are currently sold exclusively to selected groomers, boutique retailers, or through our website. Please stay tuned as we include our list of exclusive retailers and roll out other sales channels.

Can I contact you?

Please do! You can contact us directly through our website or send inquiries to You can also complete the form on our contact page.

How do I get my grooming salon listed in your groomer locator directory?

If you use Bogart Pro® products in your grooming or self-service wash business, please go to our groomer's page and complete the form, we will be happy to add your information to our locator!

How do I sign up for a groomer account?

Please submit a request for an Bogart Pro Groomer Account here. Once approved, we will be happy to send you more information.

What is your Bogart Pro Premier Groomer's program?

Our Bogart Pro Premier Groomer's Program rewards groomers and professionals who use Bogart Pro products in their grooming, self-service wash, boarding or daycare businesses. The program offers special product rebates, professionals-only products, year-end rebates, as well as access to product testing and bandanas for your Bogart Pro clients. If you are interested in the program, please feel free to fill out this application and we will be happy to send you more information.

Orders & Shipping

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Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship orders within the contiguous United States and Canada.

Can I return products?

We do not accept returns, however our product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. PRIDE+GROOM recommends washing techniques based on the principles of professional dog grooming If you’re concerned about a particular product, simply test a small area before washing. If you have any concerns about product, please email customer support. For questions regarding use please email us.

What if my shipment arrives damaged?

If you receive a damaged order, please notify us immediately upon receipt. We’ve got you - we'll respond and provide instructions. Please include your order number in your email. Email:

Can I return products?

We do not accept returns*, however we're so confident you'll love Bogart Pro that we'll refund your purchase if you're not satisfied for any reason. Bogart Pro recommends you follow our grooming tips which are informed by professional dog groomers and vets. Please test products on a small area of your pets before washing if you are concerned about any products, or email customer support at

*We may offer refunds of unopened products to our professional retailers and groomers.