We use the highest quality, natural ingredients with a proprietary blend of probiotics, extracts and actives for microbiome health. Every ingredient is thoughtfully formulated to provide substantial benefits you'll see for yourself. We carefully and ethically source the highest quality, natural blends of sustainable ingredients that work specifically for your dog's coat and grooming needs.

Ingredient & Formula FAQs

Are your products scented?

Our signature Bogart Pro scent is an unsurpassable long-lasting amaretto sour fragrance that lasts for days and reactivates when wet. We haven't found a person yet who doesn't swoon when they catch a wiff! (Or want to use it themselves. P.S. We do, and we love them!)

How safe are your products for dog's skin?

Yep! All of our products are microbiologically and dermatologically patch tested. This means they are tested on human skin and found to be mostly safe and well tolerated by the people who tested it, and in most cases did not cause skin reactions. This is performed through a Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT), which is a rigorous testing method recognized within the dermatology industry.

Are your products biodegradable?

All of our shampoos and conditioners are not only biodegradable and eco-friendly, but are also hypoallergenic and tear-free. We are proud to be vegan, cruelty free, gluten and GMO free. Our formulas are safe for humans, babies, and those who are pregnant. We formulate without parabens, phalates, alcohol, sulfates, SLS, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, petroleum products, mineral oils, and we don't use artifical colors or fragrances.

Are your cleansers plant-based?

Our natural plant-based cleansers are gentle yet highly effective to remove dirt, excess oils and odors while preserving the skin's pH and moisture balance.

What does "Skin+Positive" mean?

"Skin+Positive" is our product formulating philosophy. Guided by peer-reviewed science, every formula is bespoke for a dog's fragile pH and microbiome to prevent skin problems before they start. Designed with groomer feedback, our products are biodegradable and eco-friendly with second-to-none quality and performance.

How do you source your ingredients?

We follow a "Simple + Sophistocated" philosophy: we hand-selected fewer, better, more effective USA-based ingredient manufacturers to create products that are second to none in terms of purity, quality...and of course, safety.

What is "MB3 Technology"?

MB3 Technology is the name we've give to our proactive & preventative approach to gently addressing pets' most common ailments with technology focused on the skin's microbiome. Using a proprietary blend of probiotics, vitamins, and extracts in the correct pH environment, MB3 Technology protects and strengthens the skin's natural defenses, preventing skin problems before they start, promoting healthier skin and a lustrous coat.

Why are your products highly concentrated?

We produce our formulas in a manner to supply world-class, high performing grooming solutions for our most elite clientele with specialty grooming and show needs. At Bogart Pro, we believe that everyone should have access to optimal performance and quality products, which is why we formulate them to be used either concentrated or full strength. However, groomers and vets will almost always recommend that you dilute products so they rinse out properly and reduce the chances of irritation.

What makes Bogart Pro different?

Simple. We've got heart. We have a love of dogs and a passion for skincare. We put that passion into creating luxury human formulas bespoke for dogs and guided by science.

  • You shouldn't be the only one using natural products

    Like you, we love our pooches and care about their health. That’s why we created Bogart Pro— to provide effective, natural grooming products that pet parents would use themselves. Yep, we test all our products and we love them! 

    Every product is developed using the highest performing, most natural ingredients that are gentle, eco-friendly, and Skin+Positive to ensure healthy skin and lustrous coats.

    We carefully and ethically source the highest quality, natural ingredients to develop products with probiotics, vitamins and extracts that promote a pH and microbiome-friendly mantle for healthy skin and coats.

    At Bogart Pro, every grooming product is bespoke for dogs, guided by science and driven by love.