When a dog-whispering groomer meets a skincare formulator...

Bogart Pro came to life when a skincare formulator met a dog groomer and set out to create a line of natural, plant-based grooming products that they would love to use themselves. Guided by science, they discovered that the other grooming products were formulating wrong when it comes to a dog's pH and microbiome.  

Our Philosophy
  • You shouldn't be the only one using natural products

    Like you, we love our pooches and care about their health. That’s why we created Bogart Pro— to provide effective, natural grooming products that pet parents would use themselves. Yep, we test all our products and we love them! 

    Every product is developed using the highest performing, most natural ingredients that are gentle, eco-friendly, and Skin+Positive to ensure healthy skin and lustrous coats.

    We carefully and ethically source the highest quality, natural ingredients to develop products with probiotics, vitamins and extracts that promote a pH and microbiome-friendly mantle for healthy skin and coats.

    At Bogart Pro, every grooming product is bespoke for dogs, guided by science and driven by love.