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Soothe Pro+ Deodorizing Anti-Itch Fragrance Spray

Soothe Pro+ Deodorizing Anti-Itch Fragrance Spray

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Soothe Pro+ Deodorizing Anti-Itch Fragrance Spray is our proprietary hypoallergenic blend of 100% natural skin-soothing ingredients works to relieve hot spots, itching, and scratching, with a natural odor neutralizers and our all-natural Bogart Signature fragrance plus lemongrass.

  • Fast-acting formula starts working in hours with maximum relief in 2-3 days for bug bites, allergies, dermatitis, rashes and more.
  • Soothing blend of extracts, moisturizers, vitamins, and probiotics promotes healing and balances the skin microbiome.
  • Effectively and naturally controls pests with lemongrass essential oil.
  • Works on bacterial, yeast, fungal, and skin mite infections, while effectively relieving demotex / demodectic mange and excessive chewing. 
  • MB3 formula contains a proprietary blend of soothing aloe, yucca, soapwort and extracts to soothe the skin, along with natural probiotics to re-set the skin microbiome. 


There's only one Bogart Pro fragrance because every other fragrance was made to smell like Bogart. Get the one and only Bogart Pro signature fragrance spray, we call it Amaretto Sour for it's irresistible toasted bitter-almond scent with a hint of orange zest that lasts for days and reignites when wet.

Contains MB3 technology to reduce irritation and promote healthy skin microbiome with our proprietary blend of probiotics, vitamins, and extracts.

How To Use

1. Brush coat to free dirt, dander and loose fur

2. Spray lightly onto coat and work through with brush or fingers.

3. Enjoy the rockin' amaretto sour scent and remind your pooch that Bogart-smelling dogs get massive cuddles.

Key Ingredients

Recommended Concentration

All shampoos are highly concentrated. Please dilute for best results and safety.

Home Use / High Concentration: Dilute 5:1 - 10:1

Salon Bath / Medium Concentration:

Dilute 12:1 to 15:1

Hydro Use / Low Concentration:

Dilute 20:1 to 30:1

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